Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wet Rain; Wet Me!

Remember the saying: "April showers bring May flowers?"

Somebody should consider the fact that it rains in June as well. A lot. We had a lovely, loud, wet, sopping rainstorm yesterday afternoon. My Mum flew out to the church to make some bullitins since we will ba absent all this weekend. Liddy left her bike out side after some friends left and the barn was left open. The problem with that? Leah and I discovered the fact after the storm had started.

Nathan, Leah, and I were watching LOTR when we finally heard the rain pouring. So, with light coats and tennis shoes, Lele and I shot outside to bring the bike to the garage and to shut the barn.

Needles to say, this was the second time I've been litterally dripping wet in a rain storm.

It's a ton of fun! You should try it sometime!



dancechicky© said...


Oh! I just adore R A I N and storms. (: trying running miles in it. its the best. (: love you! and it was great seeing you yesterday. email me darling! We need to get together before I go off to cross country running camp.


The Girl Next Door said...

I absolutely love the rain. There's just something about it...I don't know, it's just very calming and fun! :D
dancing in the rain is no doubt the best! XD

The Girl Next Door said...

Hanna, thanks so much for the comment on my blog. That made me really happy. :)

Luv u gurly!