Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wet Rain; Wet Me!

Remember the saying: "April showers bring May flowers?"

Somebody should consider the fact that it rains in June as well. A lot. We had a lovely, loud, wet, sopping rainstorm yesterday afternoon. My Mum flew out to the church to make some bullitins since we will ba absent all this weekend. Liddy left her bike out side after some friends left and the barn was left open. The problem with that? Leah and I discovered the fact after the storm had started.

Nathan, Leah, and I were watching LOTR when we finally heard the rain pouring. So, with light coats and tennis shoes, Lele and I shot outside to bring the bike to the garage and to shut the barn.

Needles to say, this was the second time I've been litterally dripping wet in a rain storm.

It's a ton of fun! You should try it sometime!


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I know this looks weird. I'm playing around with the new thingy on Blogger.

Bear with me!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

That Makes Three...

Well I rode at the R's home yesterday in some lovely weather. Button's was very forward and we had some beautiful canters together. Anna and I rode across the street from their house in the massive expanse of fields that belong to her father. That was fun, fun, fun! I actually had to hold Button's back! *lol* In one of the fields there was a huge mound of dirt from a project of her fathers and a tractor or something had made a flat place across it. Anna and I rode up that and down again. A little scary but nothing compared to some of the other steep trails that I saw at their place .... I was assured that by the end of the summer I will have rode them all. *oh boy...* Anyway, when we came back Anna put Kurant out in the pasture and I ride Buttons a little more. I probably shouldn't have.

Anna was standing in the center of the paddock that we were riding in taking pictures for me with my Mylo. After a few more canters (which I was thoroughly enjoying) I lost one stirrup and then the other so I tried to pull Buttons up. She began fluctuating between canter and trot and kept that up so that I couldn't do what I needed to do. Eventually she decided on a dirty pony trick that (I believe) she herself came up with. Going from canter to gallop she headed straight for the brand new fence that the R's had just put up along their paddock. When she reached it she got herself as close as she could resulting in my knee getting caught on one of the posts. I went down onto the gravel/sand and she apparently jumped over me.

In the end, I ended up with a banged up arm (not broken, thank goodness), a cover-removed helmet, and a very skinned back. Remember when I fell off of Whit a few months ago and skinned my shoulder blade. Yup, this is right on top and twice the size. I would post a picture but because of where it is, I would rather not.

Anyway, my helmet is at my grandparents getting fixed and my grandmother, after seeing the pictures, declared: "Hanna, I don't want you to ride anymore!"
Sorry, not an option. :)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Best Lesson Ever!

Ahhhhh..... Total summer weather out! I have no idea how hot it is but it's HOT. Tomorrow is supposed to be colder and with a chance of more rain. What joy. I'm supposed to go ride at Anna R's tomorrow so hopefully it will hold out long enough for us.

Speaking of that, Mondays lesson was the best lesson with the most progress that I've ever made in one day! I trotted some and had some good spots where I got many encouragements from Anna and her mom and Mrs.L on how we looked ("we" as in "me and Buttons").
Later I decided to canter a few times. Mrs.Rupel cantered Kurant int front of me a few times to help Buttons get going. See, Buttons is a driving pony so she is better at the canter if there are other horses doing the same thing. Anyway, we cantered and it was SO FUN! A couple times Mrs. Rupel and I cantered side by side and that was the best part.

Mrs.L and I where so happy at the progress that I had made. We gave each other high-fives and laughed and smiled. At the end of the lesson I said: "I feel like I've won a battle!"
I had.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

short and sweet...

All right, this is short because I have to be somewhere. My birthday was great! I got a ton of birthday money and..... *Drum roll, please!*


I'll write more about it later but for now I have ta go.


Friday, April 9, 2010

My Crazy Morning....

Well, this morning was certainly interesting. Since Monday I was planning on coming to work a 9 just like the norm. Then there was a possibility that a friend would be coming for a sleepover last night but we decided to wait until next Friday. The reasoning for that was because we had forgotten that we had home group last night and since I had to work the next morning it wasn't gonna be much a sleepover. Since this was the second cancellation for the same date I was relieved when she took it well.

Anyway, so before we canceled my mom emailed Mrs.L asking if I could possibly come at 11 instead so that we could do breakfast with the friend instead of rushing out of the house at 8:30 and so ending the not-so-fun sleepover. We got the okay.

So in order for you to understand how this next part plays into the whole crazy morning theme, I'll have to give you my health history from the past couple of days. All winter I've had this stupid growing patch of eczema on my earlobe, right? Right. Well, lately no matter how much cream I put on it it just gets worse and worse. Just a few days ago I discovered a small, hard, lump right behind the same ear that hurt horribly. Over the next few days me, my mom, and my dad watched it and I noticed that every time we felt it to see if it had gone down it always started hurting for a long time afterwards. Last night it started up again during home group and it was REALLY bad. All of a sudden, I noticed that the pain that had kept behind my ear was now spreading down the right side of my neck. I was determined that getting to the doctor was going to make me feel better so we waited until this morning to call the office to see if they could get me in before I had to work.

All night long I was sleeping in spurts because my ear and neck hurt sssooo bad. I almost cried (and I happen to have a high pain tolerance if it doesn't involve blood). So we called this morning and guess what time they could get us in? 10:50. Only ten minutes before I had to be at the barn! We then we had to call Mrs.L back and ask if I could still get there after and praise God, she said yes!

So now you have heard all about my crazy morning. Tomorrow should be an exciting day too.
I TURN 16!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


P.S. - Please pray that the appointment will go well. Thanks!

Monday, April 5, 2010

A New Experience ....

Today is another post about horses. My lesson anyway.

The R's came again with their horses, Kurant and Buttons. I rode Buttons again because that's the horse I'll be showing this summer and I need to get in as much riding time as possible. So I trotted her mostly and tried to get her to stay on the rail but hard as I tried I couldn't get her to stay there. This little pony has the uncanny knack of turning against you in the opposite direction when you need to go somewhere else. It makes it very difficult for me to handle when whoever is on the ground watching and giving me directions gets agitated that I'm not where I'm supposed to be. I hate to argue with them even when it's not my fault but I also don't like people to think that I'm a rebellious little teenager. Because I'm not.

Yeah so, towards the end I cantered a couple of times and then the R's needed to leave so we took a few more minutes to do something that I had never done before and found that I immensely enjoyed. We took the horses outside and rode them over to Mrs.L's pond. It was lovely. Not too hot and not to cold and we sat and the horses ate grass and we talked. It was thrilling to give Buttons her head while she inched her way down an embankment and to stand in the stirrups while she walked up another embankment. I want to do it again and again. I'm going on Friday to ride Buttons with Mrs.R and Mrs.L so hopefully we can!